Platform Economies
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Thurs, Aug 18 @ 7PM EST / 4 PM PST / 9 AM AET (Fri)

[ Work-in-Progress ] Janet Roitman 

Draft of Finance & Society Network Keynote "Platform Economies: Beyond the Global North/Global South Divide" (Now published)

Thurs, Sept 8 @ 7PM EST / 4 PM PST / 9 AM AET (Fri)

[ Work-in-Progress ] Leonard Hoon (Deputy Head, Translational Research and Commercialisation

Applied Artificial Intel Institute, Deakin University) 

Topic: health tech, research commercialization, AI, business models

Thurs, Oct 13 @ 4 PM EST, 1 PM PST / 7 AM AET (Fri)

[ Work-in-Progress ] Johan Lindquist (Stockholm Univ) & Esther Weltevrede (Digital Methods Initiative, Univ Amsterdam)

"The Fake Follower Industry: On the Supply-Side of the Market for Social Media Engagements"

Topic: infrastructure rentals, ready-made websites with integrated APIs and payment systems, social media marketing services (Instagram, Tik Tok, Youtube)

Thurs, Nov 10 @ 4 PM EST, 1 PM PST / 8 AM AET (Fri)

[ PERN Salon ] Kristian Bondo Hansen & Christian Borch (Copenhagen Business School) on "Alternative Data"

Topic: “Alternative data and sentiment analysis: Prospecting non-standard data in machine learning-driven finance,” Big Data & Society, 2022. 

Thurs, Feb 9, at 6 PM EST / 3 PM PST / 10 AM AEDT (Friday)

WIP/Welcome - Franziska Cooiman, Weizenbaum Institute, Germany; Roskilde University

Cooiman, F. (2022). Imprinting the economy: The structural power of venture capital. Environment and Planning A: Economy and Space, 0(0).

Thurs, Mar 23, at 6 PM EST / 3 PM PST / 9 AM AEDT (Friday)

WIP - Angela Xiao Wu, NYU/MCC

“China's Ad-Support Media System in the "Platform" era”

Thurs, Apr 6, at 7 PM EST / 4 PM PST / 9 AM AEDT (Friday)

Salon - Xiaochang Li, Stanford, Dept of Communication, Program in STS

“There’s No Data Like More Data”: Automatic Speech Recognition and Algorithmic Culture” - Forthcoming in Osiris (Salon page)

View the Livestream recording here.

Thurs, May 4, at 8 PM EST / 5 PM PST / 8 AM China ST, 10 AM AEDT (Friday)

WIP/Fall planning - Jing Wang, NYU Shanghai“Working between Fin(ance) and Tech” from book manuscript The Human Side of Fintech: Financial Technology and Economic Citizenship in China

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