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Fall 2019

September 18th - Paul Dourish and Data Materiality

Paul Dourish, Stuff of Bits

October 15 - Adrian Mackenzie and Jenna Burrell

Adrian Mackenzie, The production of prediction: What does machine learning want?, 2015 (Recommended: Adrian Mackenzie, Machine learners : archaeology of a data practice, 2017 (Whole Book))

Jenna Burrell, How the machine ‘thinks’: Understanding opacity in machine learning algorithms, 2016

November 7th - Data structures/data bases

Matthew Jones, “Querying the Archive: Data Mining from Apriori to PageRank” in Science in the Archives, ed. Lorraine Daston. 

And Design of Data Mining of WeChat Public Platform Based on Python

November 18th / 18th - Pricing data 

S. A. Fricker, Y.V. Maksimov: Pricing of Data Products in Data Marketplaces, in: A. Ojala, H. Holmström Olsson, K. Werder (eds.), International Conference of Software Business, 2017, pp. 49–66.

D. Moody, P. Walsh: Measuring the Value of Information: An Asset Valuation Approach, in: J. Pries-Heje, C. Ciborra, K. Kautz, J. Valor, E. Christiansen, D. Avison et al. (eds.), Proceedings of the 7th European Conference on Information Systems, 1999, pp. 496–512.

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